House Relocation


This process involves moving the entirety of a home. When you relocate a house, you are lifting it from its foundation and moving it to another prepared location, it gets complicated when your relocation is international, luckily, there’s the option of using Tiger Containers. This allows you to pick and choose, matching your perfect house with the perfect location. Some people use house relocation for the home they already own, while others choose to buy a house for sale and then relocate it to prepared block of land. The choice is up to the owner, but it should be discussed with a professional to make sure the process is safe and legal.


Relocating requires specialized preparations, first, your furniture can not be moved with the house you need to use one of the many moving companies to disassemble and storage all your belongs and furniture before starting the relocation process for your house. Most local councils have rules and restrictions about relocating a home, which is why all your plans must be checked in advance and approved by all proper authorities, you should hire someone that uses Tiger Containers for this. This includes the councils where the home currently resides and the councils where you wish to move the home. The home must be checked for problems like asbestos, and the land must be appropriately cleared and prepared with plumbing, electricity and more. The home must be measured in order to make sure it is a good fit for the new location prior to any service. Other tests and applications must be completed in advance.


The actual relocation itself can be exciting and terrifying for the home owner, but it is important that the home owner gets one of the building inspections Melbourn before moving to the house, it’s important to make sure that the house is in the right conditions. The process requires the right equipment and preparation. The home must be readied for separation from the foundation, and the new site must be cleared of all impediments and new foundations must be in place. Then, the home will be lifted off its foundation and loaded onto a truck. Once secured, the truck will transport the home to the new location. Here, the house will be placed on the foundations and must be properly supported to ensure that no significant damage occurs. More information can be found at


Because there is so much at stake during a house relocation, you need to work with the best company. Graham House Removals and Miami Movers have more than 30 years of experience moving homes within South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales, they work with Moving Companies New Rochelle, they offer professional services. We have built our reputation by being thorough, safe and reliable. We can help assess whether or not your home is a good candidate for removal and make sure that all paperwork is in order, prior to the actual house relocation.

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